Monday, December 17, 2007

" textures and lines "

on our way home from the south we stopped in Indianapolis at the Speedway Museum. this had more to do with Greg wanting to than me. i thought i would be very bored, but was pleasantly surprised to find that with my camera in hand i found tons to photograph. there was a ton of texture and colour in there so the following are some of them......

what do you think this is? [in above photo]
i even stumped my car enthusiast huband with this one! Ha! and that is hard to do, for he is almost a walking encyclopedia when it comes to old car parts!

i really enjoy capturing different textures and materials on film. i want these to be something that someone looks at and says,"what is that"? i know i have a long way to go in capturing these things so that they are considered "art", but that is what i am striving for....the art effect.

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photoeye said...

VERY cool! I love them. You are doing awesome. I also love the new photo of Alannah in the water. Thanks again for last night, it was fun.