Tuesday, October 21, 2008

** Day 2-Galena Trip **

Here are more photos from my girl's trip to Galena, IL. Day 2 we went walking around downtown, visiting the quaint little shops and having a fun time laughing and being goofy, as evidenced by this photo of Sarah....

downtown Galena

I love the contrasting colours of this building, so sharp and striking. But I thought it looked like it has a big nose (smile)

so picturesque 

I really enjoyed the awesome, unique architecture that this town has

Thursday, October 16, 2008

. Girl time .

A couple of weeks ago my two friends, Sarah and Em, and I took a 3 day trip. The purpose was to celebrate our birthdays, which all happen to fall within the month (Oct. 2-Nov. 4) and to have some great girl time. It had been waaaay too long since all three of us had done anything together so this was the perfect thing to do!

Day 1 ~ Stopped in Dubuque, Iowa for some lunch and sightseeing/photo ops! We found lots to photograph there and had a great time!

.. a unique way to display a unique leaf ..

I looove old architecture and Dubuque certainly had plenty to choose from!

The camera freaks! You see, all 3 of us have digital SLRS and it was probably quite the site to see us walking around town looking like this.....
In fact, we had a lot of people ask us if we were photography students....well in a way, yes! We just don't have a teacher, we are simply teaching ourselves through trial and error!

The end of the day.......
our destination, Galena, Illinois...what a beautiful way to end a beautiful day!
To see more photos of our fun trip check our Sarah's blog, and here and here

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have never posted for a WWWAT before. This was fun! 

I love the architecture of my 108 yr. old house!