Saturday, March 15, 2008

:: Splash Boots ::

It all started 2 Sundays ago when it warmed to 70 degrees that day. Alannah wanted to go for a walk. We had so much snow on the ground that when it warmed to 70 that day the water was running everywhere! And there was lots of it! So I had her put her winter boots on and off the 3 of us went. Wellllll.....she couldn't keep her 2 little feet out of the water! That child ran, and I mean, RAN through the water the whole entire time! That would be a total of 12-14 blocks! She had a blast!! And we had a blast laughing and watching her! Unfortunately, I had my mind so much on the wonderfully warm day and getting out in it to get some much needed fresh air, sunshine and exercise that it never occurred to me to take my camera.....
When we arrived back home her little boots were soaked, inside and out, as well as her socks. So I mentioned that as soon as Daddy got a job I would go out and buy her some galoshes. She got excited about that because we had just borrowed a book from the church library about a little girl named Sarah who had to give up her favorite boots because her feet grew too small for them. Alannah said," I can get boots just like Sarah's!"
So the next evening she and I go to Bible study and she saw my friend Sarah's red rain boots and launched into telling Sarah about her book Sarah's boots.
Well, friend that is, not the book Sarah.....came to visit a few days later and brought these.......

Alannah was so excited and said, "Splash boots!" So we had to take them out later that afternoon and run through every water puddle we could find. Although this afternoon it was much colder and there was not anywhere near the amount of water that there had been the Sunday before but never-the-less she still had fun, as the photos to follow will attest to!

~the first puddle she ran through~

~she loves playing with sticks, so we had to stop and pick up any stick we could find~

So the "splash boots" are a huge hit!

Thanks Steve and Sarah!

She has worn them almost everyday since. When I tell her to go put her shoes on she will most likely ask, "Can I wear my splash boots Mama?"

She wore them to the grocery this evening!
Watching her run through the puddles and have so much fun splashing has me wanting to do the same with her so I am going to go out and buy me some "splash boots" of my own!