Thursday, September 20, 2007

Usually nothing out of the ordinary happens here in our household, but this week is the exception.
Do you ever have those weeks when you feel like Satan is trying to attack you every time you plan to do something that is God-focused? This has been one of those weeks for us.

On Sunday we way overslept and barely made it to church not entirely too late.

Then last night as we were just about to sit down to supper, Greg reached into the cabinet for a glass, pulled one out with his right hand and as he did a smaller glass toppled over and out of the cabinet. At the same time he went to reach for it with his left hand it hit the glass in his right hand and shattered. The now jagged broken glass fell onto his outstretched hand and sliced the webbing between his ring and middle fingers. It sliced it from finger to finger and hit an artery, for blood immediately started gushing from him! UGH!!
As all of this is happening and he is in the bathroom putting pressure on it while holding it under the running water and writhing in pain, Alannah freaks out at her place at the dining table and she starts to cry. So now I have an injured, bleeding, pain-filled husband in the bathroom and a crying 3 yr. old, not to mention a kitchen spattered in blood from the counter top to the floor and across the kitchen. AGH!!!
And all of this is taking place as we are getting ready to leave for Bible Study. After 20 mins. of deliberation we opted not to go to the ER but to apply a butterfly closure, bandage it well, tape the two fingers together and deal with it tomorrow. By this time Greg is not doing so well and needs a diversion so I elect we continue with our plans and make it to Bible Study after all.
We did consult a nurse friend of ours on the way home from Bible Study and she said that what we had done to treat it was the best thing possible. Due to the area in which the injury is, she said it would be difficult to do much else. So we are treating it here at home.

As I think upon these events I become more determined to not let Satan win, but to press on and continue with what God has called me to do. And I get excited knowing that I must be doing God's will for the enemy to attack.

If you think about us I know Greg would appreciate it if you would lift him up in prayer.
And if there is anything we can pray for you about please don't hesitate to let us know.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Keeping in touch"..........Alannah talking to her Grammie


Please be patient with us as our blog is still under construction. We are not very computer literate so it takes us a long while to figure these things out. More posting soon to follow.........