Sunday, December 23, 2007

** Snowed In **

I can't post any photos because my parents only have dial-up and it took forever just to get this page up so that I could post! But if I could post photos I would have some of rippled snow drifts, looking like crystal in the sun.
Yesterday was my cousins wedding, held in a beautiful old church in a little farming town, in the middle of a Midwest snowstorm. It was quite a day! We got our van stuck in ice and blowing, blizzarding snow trying to get out of my parents drive. Once we were freed from that we had to drive 25 mph in white-outs for 6-8 miles to get to the church. I was the wedding coordinator/personal attendant and Alannah was one of 2 flower girls. So we get to the church and I have to wade through snow drifts and raging, blowing snow from the church to the reception hall, which was located about a block away. My dear husband went with me to be my body guard against all of that snow! :)
The wedding went off well with the handful of people that attended, which was mostly my aunts and uncles and those in the wedding party. Thank goodness all were living or staying nearby and didn't have to drive very far in the blizzard.
They shut the interstate down here, due to a 30 car pile-up. It was plain crazy out there! But when we left the reception hall and headed for home at 9:30 last night the snow had stopped and everything was bright and clear. Although we still had to brave the snow drifts getting home....mainly my parents drive! It always drifts shut so they said they would go first and plow through it with their van because it is taller than ours. Well, we were within site of their house when I spotted their flashing tail lights and said to Greg, "so much for plowing through". The story is that the snow was about 3-4 feet deep and Dad was out there moving the drift with a shovel!! Now that is a ton of shoveling! He was done with a large enough portion of it shortly after we arrived.....yes, we were sitting on the road too waiting to get in! Not a very safe situation being that they live on a narrow blacktop road on a curve! Anyway, after 2 tries Mom was able to push her way through it and I, now in the drivers seat, plowed us through it and at last we were safe at home! Whew, what a day! We all fell into bed exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in....for we knew we would not be able to get out of the drive to attend church this morning. But I was up early enough to go out and shoot some photos of the beautiful sunny snow covered world!
Now that the hustle and bustle of the wedding is over with we are chilling out and spending time with family. The cousin who was married yesterday, Heather, she and her husband are coming over here soon to play games and hang out for the evening. Tomorrow is Christmas with my brother, his wife and at my parents. Then on Christmas day we have a houseful of family and friends coming. So it is going to be a busy next 2 days!
I will have lots of photos to share once we return home and I can post them.
Happy Holidays!!

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