Friday, January 28, 2011

This song has been on my heart a lot the past 2 weeks. Our Lord delights when we praise Him. Just as we delight in the children in our lives when they do something that warms our heart and blesses us, He too loves it when we lift our hands and voices and hearts in adoration to Him. I have been listening and singing to this when I am driving and have found myself lifting my hands in hand at a time that is! I prefer to drive cautiously! And then at home have been listening on Pandora and found myself breaking into worshipful dance before Him. There is nothing better than worshipping and allowing the Holy Spirit to direct it in dance and the lifting of hands. It is so freeing!
And my girls LOVE to dance and worship with me! Abigail LOVES it! She is calmed and soothed by it! And it provides a bonding experience that is so precious and beautiful. So take a little time to listen to the song and be blessed. Allow the Holy Spirit to take you to a place of intimate worship with your Lord and Saviour!

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Tinarose said...

Thank you for this beautiful share. I am a disciple of Jesus and I have been going through a very challenging season in my walk.Dealing with adultery of the heart issues and relationship woes. learning more about surrendering my ALL to Christ and trust. sometimes one can feel out of touch with the Father and he can seem so far away.

Reading your blog has reminded me of the power I have been given in worship to connect with my Dad by simply uttering His praise in worship and lifting my hands in obedience and rhythm with the glorious Spirit of God inside of me.

I am so very grateful for this share.I am excited and looking forward to time spent in worship. Thank you for spurring me on with your words..

Be Blessed!