Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Alive and well !!!

Yes, I am still here. I know it has been a while since I last blogged, but I have been a tad bit busy...ok, more than a tad, I have been CRAZY busy. Somehow I thought having a 2nd child would not be that big of a change. I told myself, "you already have one and you manage quite well, adding another one will be a piece of cake. Yeah, you will be busier but you will handle it well."
Well, I am here to say it has been WAY harder than I ever imagined! I don't know if it is the fact that there are 6 years between my 1st and the 2nd therefore I feel like I am starting over again. Or if it is simply the fact that it is a huge change to go from one to two, or whether it is a little of both. But it has been HARD!
Abigail is now 5 months old and I finally feel like I am in a place where I can breath normally instead of feeling like I am running a race to get it all done. I am settling in to this babyhood thing again...getting used to the crying, to getting up at least once if not twice a night, getting no more than 6 straight hours of sleep, to doing an extra 3 to 4 loads of laundry per week......
So that is what I have been doing these past several months. And recently I have started to implement a schedule around here for the entire family, every family member having their own daily schedule. It has not been fully implemented yet but so far it is going well and we are accomplishing much more than we ever have. Which brings me to this blog. I have scheduled in to blog on a more regular basis. Maybe not daily but definitely a lot more than I have in the past. And I am changing what I will be blogging about. Before it was mainly photography oriented but since my priorities have changed in the past 2 years photography has moved low on the list, at least for now. From now on I will be blogging about what the Lord lays upon my heart to share with you all. Whether that be what He has been teaching me or sharing a recipe or money saving idea, child training encouragement, homeschooling idea or something funny that happened recently, it will be a mix of my life and what I feel He is impressing upon me to share. So stay tuned to see what He has in store!

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Welcome back to the blog world! :)