Thursday, September 04, 2008

* textures and lines *

This last weekend Greg and I spent 3 days in Kansas City celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary. We had a blast! He spent most of Sat. & Sun. at the Good Guys Rod & Custom Car Show while I spent that time in a variety of different ways......3 hrs with him at the car show, a little of it watching HGTV...we don't get TV at home so this is always a treat! and the remainder finishing a child-rearing book, spending a lot of time in God's Word and listening to some awesome Bible teaching tapes! 
The evenings were spent walking an awesome outdoor shopping district, enjoying some great gourmet food and me always with camera in hand snapping photos of everything from the food we ate to the environment of the shopping district. I took about 500 photos in a 2.5 day period. I share some of those with you now and will share more in the days to come.
What an awesome time of r&r I had!
 To me nothing is more relaxing than reading and photographing the world around me!

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photoeye said...

Awesome pictures Holly! I'm so glad you and Greg had a great anniversary and you were able to have some time doing fun stuff...