Monday, September 22, 2008

* fun at the orchard *

A week or so ago I felt the urge to get out and make a trip to the orchard. It was a cool day and one could smell autumn in the air. The forecast was calling for rain for the next 5 days so I thought, "we need to take advantage of this day and spend time at this beautiful place!" So I inivited a dear friend and her 4 little girls and off we headed to Wilson's Apple Orchard in Iowa City! The girls loooovvved it! They ran and ran and ran some more! They each were excited to have their own little buckets to pick their apples off the ground. That is, until the buckets started to get heavy and then it was," can you carry this, it is too heavy." Or, "I don't want to carry my bucket any more." But all in all they did very well and played very hard! And us mamas, well we left feeling refreshed from the abundance of fresh air, the joy and delight in watching our children enjoy themselves and the beauty of God's wonderful creation!

These four girls are the best of friends! They play and squabble together like sisters.

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photozmom said...

Can't believe how big those girls are getting. Such good pictures of a memory making day ! Great shots !