Friday, April 17, 2009

oh, the joys of being 4 and creating your own fun!!

I recently received a package and the box was filled with packing peanuts. Now, I DO NOT like these things! They stick to everything, are hard to clean up and fly across my wood floors and end up everywhere!!! I find them months, years and eons later when I am moving furniture to clean!!!
Well, Alannah decided to dump, uhumm, I mean sprinkle them all throughout the main floor of our home. She was creating a path! And then , of course, once we had the path made we had to run upon it! So she ran and ran and ran! And I, when I found out what she had been doing started to say, "Pick those up now! I do not want them all over the house and in smaller pieces than they already are!" But just as these words were about to fly out of my mouth, the Lord spoke to me and said," She is only this age once. She is creating and playing and is not hurting anything." My response was, "you're right and I think I will have her pick them all up too! So I let her continue to run and break them into itty bitty pieces with her new "splash boots"! Once she was done I instructed her to get a bag and pick them all up. She obeyed and tried her best , but after about 10 minutes she came to me frustrated because they wouldn't stay in the bag. "Mama can you help me pick them up?" So I got down and began to instruct her again, but this time we both got frustrated at how those little boogers were sticking to our hands. So I got an idea! I ran my hands under the water, shook off a little of it and went after scooping those pesky things up! And whadayaknow! They scoop up rather easily as long as your hands are dripping with water! So a couple more times of wetting the hands and we had it all cleaned up and had a fun time doing it!

And, yes, you are not dreaming! I have posted on my blog after a 3.5 month break!! The past 3 months I have been busy taking care of some much needed and long overdue home remodel projects, spending time training and teaching my daughter and helping my husband wherever he needs it. I have oftentimes wanted to blog but felt it more important to care for the needs of my family and to do what God has placed before me now. So in the future I hope to blog more often, but it will probably not be every day and sometimes not even every week. But I am feeling the need to be a little more consistent with it!

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