Tuesday, August 26, 2008

.. salsa ..

I love it when tomato season comes along because that means it is time for fresh salsa. Salsa doesn't get any better than when it is made fresh from garden fresh tomatoes!
Around here we eat it A LOT! Especially this time of year....we almost make a meal out of it. Not only does it have the tomatoes which are a wonderful food for your health, it also has garlic and onions which are beneficial to your health too. Add a little hot peppers to open the sinuses and you have an all around great health food!
So far this summer I have put up about 25 qt. Not nearly enough or what I desired to. But my tomatoes did not produce very well this summer so I am fearing that this might be the last batch I freeze.....unless someone has an excess of tomatoes and is willing to share......
I usually put jalapenos in mine but this year I planted salsa peppers and WOW are they hot! It only takes one long, skinny pepper to a large batch of salsa, any more and I had better watch out or it will be so hot we can hardly stand it! Anyway, I have an abundance of salsa peppers, so if anyone is needing any hot peppers let me know!

mmm, mmm, good!!

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photozmom said...

Looks SOOOO Yummy !! Good enough to eat.