Friday, August 01, 2008

.. car show ..

. my fun-loving husband LOVES vintage cars .
. in fact he has a project of his own that he works on when he gets a free moment and some extra cash . 
. someday soon i will take some photos of it and share with you .
. anyway, last friday evening he and i went to the car show at sycamore mall in ic . 
. now, in the past he has usually gone to these by himself....i don't mind them except for the fact that once i have looked at all of the vintage vehicles, i am ready to leave . 
. well, that is not enough for him! . 
. he wants to stand around looking at every inch and detail and then talk with the owner and discuss where they bought that part and how they did this and on and on and on! . 
. i get BORED to pure insanity!! .
. BUT, this year some of that has changed . 
. since i decided to pursue photography on a more full-time basis i have found that i can combine my love of photography with his love of vintage cars .
. so, we have this deal....i go with him to some of these and have the freedom to meander around at my leisure, with my camera attached to my face and he does what he usually does .
. THEN, when i have taken photos of everything i possibly can and am starting to get bored, i leave and he stays! . 
. it has worked out wonderfully! .
. in fact, we are spending out anniversary weekend in august at the good guys rod & custom show in kansas city .
. lucky for me i booked us a hotel room, complete with a kitchen, across the street from the show!.
. so when i get bored, i am heading to our room to have some personal reading and pampering time, while he stays out in the blazing hot sun and looks at car after car after car! .
. and, in the end, he really enjoys looking at all my photos! .
. here's a little sampling....enjoy! .

. the owners of this little "bug" are close friends of ours .
. they restored it about 2 or 3 years ago for their father .
. it's a cute little thing . 

. i think this is a 1949 Mercury woody . 
. greg would know if he were here to consult, but he's not .
. the owners of this were from colorado and were traveling in it. they had the back full of camping gear, food staples and coolers .
.  this has been on road trips all across the US .

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