Monday, December 22, 2008

Silver Dollar City

A month ago we took a trip to Branson, MO to attend Silver Dollar City's Christmas festival. If there is anything that will put a person onto the Christmas spirit it is a visit to this place. There are lights everywhere! Over 4 million of them! Christmas music is always playing, there's a chill in the air and on our first day there were snow flurries falling. It was the perfect holiday setting! 

This 5 story Christmas tree is the highlight of the place. It's lights dance in unison to some awesome Christmas music!

Alannah loved snuggling up to Frosty. 

We vacationed with these fun people! Chad (Greg's highschool friend), his daughter Madeline, his girlfriend Robin and her son Jonathan. 

The kids had a very fun time!!

The 5 story tree in the daylight

ok, so we chose the wrong time of the day to have our photo taken......the lighting is WAY wrong....but we had to have a few photos of all of us!

mmmmmmm, a yummy cookie from the Silver Dollar bakery

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