Wednesday, July 30, 2008

. my imac .

 ~ i have now officially entered the world of imacs ~
 ~ a few weeks ago greg and i bought our first ever "new computer" ~
 ~ we have only ever owned 2 computers before the mac, the first being a used one we bought from a friends computer store and the second was a hand-me-down from my parents ~
 ~ so we are excited to have one that works so fast and smooth ~ 
 ~ what a treat! i am really enjoying it! and now i have a photo program that works, that i can edit with and a screensaver that displays all of my photos! ~
 ~ and, coming this friday evening, faster dsl service!  like 10 times faster than what we have now! so that means i can post on this blog more often because i won't have to wait 5 or 10 min. for the photos to upload, while i run back and forth from my mac to the household task i am doing while i wait! i am very excited about that! ~

 ~ and one of the neatest things about my mac is that this is all there is to it ~
 ~ there is no harddrive tower, just the huge screen, the sleek keyboard and mouse ~
 ~ everything is located on the back of the monitor! pretty sleek, huh! ~
 ~ and all that means that my desk is a much roomier, cleaner area! that, makes me very happy!~

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photozmom said...

congrats on the new computer! I LOVE the feeling! I am excited that you will be able to post more! Have a wonderful rest of the week!